EDC Team DevelopmentOrganisations demand that people operate in a collective and collaborative way to ensure work is done effectively and efficiently rather than separately and in 'silos'. For teams to achieve their true potential we have to remove potential blockers such as politics, wasted energy, negative emotions and rivalries.

To achieve this, people in teams need to understand not only how they work as an individual but also the impact they have and how to adapt behaviour to get the best from colleagues.

EDC's experienced facilitators would normally start a team development programme by using Myers Briggs personality type exercises to create a platform of understanding about working styles and the impact that may have on others.

Using real-life or case-study examples, team members would experience and learn how to work together effectively and in ways which support each other to achieve team goals.

We can measure success through a number of team performance diagnostics, gathering perceptions across a number of pre-defined criteria of performance internally, externally or both.

Team coaching is an effective way to get teams working together effectively and in a way that underpins the achievement of team rather than individual goals. It creates a context where healthy and constructive challenge exists without damaging or breaking relationships.  



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