We all work in an increasingly complex world, where the most ambitious organisations across all sectors cannot afford to become isolated, and where success comes as much from good collaboration across organisations as it does from the excellence of a single organisation.

Leaders and senior teams have to learn to be collaborative, using a set of competencies and developing a set of relationships which may not come naturally to them, and which they may not have exercised to build their careers to this point. 

In order to work across systems, leaders need to have a good level of self-awareness, be prepared to share their learning, knowledge and experience, be curious and challenging, exert influence without positional authority, and sell a collaborative, pan systems approach to leadership back to a sceptical workforce in their home organisation.

In order to develop system leadership and a collaborative approach across highly complex sectors, EDC uses its experience in individual and team development coaching, meeting facilitation, OD planning and system-wide working, together with a thorough knowledge of the academic research on leading across complex systems, to:

  • help leaders and teams identify critical partners in the system, and what they each need from the other to achieve ‘Collaborative Excellence’
  • work with individual leaders on a one-to-one basis to help them develop their pan-system skills and to challenge them on the appropriateness of their current leadership style
  • bring senior and middle management teams together to explore the implications of collaboration, including working with executives with different cultural norms, the difficulties of establishing change programmes across organisations, and the potential surrender of some positional authority
  • facilitate system-wide events with delegates unfamiliar with each other and with traditionally competing objectives in order to establish a system-wide programme which has the customer at its heart, but from which each organisation sees the benefit for themselves
  • help to develop, with a degree of independence, 'system development plans' on behalf of organisations involved   



Leaders in Leadership Development